About Us

As a company with a unique ideology we faced the need of a specialist in small business. SInce quality and relationships are important for us we have deals with only gourmet and small businesses. As we know the pressures faced by them and the huge expectations that our customer has, which allows us to serve better. That is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t see our brands lined up in major supermarketing stores which gives you better pricing and more flexibility.

One of the biggest reasons why CIR Foods are growing is because of our unique product offerings and products which are received and lined up from all parts of the globe. We have some exotic liqueurs in the form of limecello and also some amazing varieties of mineral waters, oils, vinegars etc. We have a vision which is unique food. We want to impart this unique food concept from the different corners of the world to you and present you with flavors which would turn your world and your taste buds around.

Imparting this knowledge to you is when we know that what we are doing is reaching people and the passion we have is reaching out to the world just like how we imagined. Since our customers are what we cherish the most, everytime when we get amazing reviews from you stating about the excellence of the products we provide is everything that we dream of.

Fine and exotic foods are not available to the mainstream Australian community majorly because of how they don’t know about these products. We desire to be the block which fills this void and be known for these products through the whole of Australia.